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Roof Cleaning and Painting Essex

Roof Cleaning and Painting By Co-Operative Roofers in Essex

Essex roof cleaning company. We know and understand how important it is to keep a clean roof, allowing your roof to drain rain water safely away and down through your guttering system. We can carry out a conditioning check on your roof and replace any damaged tiles at the same time if required.

 Power washing roofs, soft washing, algae removal, gutter cleaning, roof painting and moss removal.


If your roof is starting to get overgrown by algae or moss, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned down. If you do not clean your roof, the moss will continue to slide and block up your entire guttering system. It can lead to long term damage to roofing underlays because of the damp.

For a small fee, you can get Co-Operative Roofers team to perform a roof cleaning service in Essex on your roof that will remove all the grime, algae and moss. We can wash down your roof, restore faded roof tiles by applying a paint to your tiles with multiple choices on colour.

Depending on the type of roof, we will either use a soft washing method which is using soft brushes and slow water flow or a hard wash which will be done with our power washing system.

For standard roofs, we recommend power washing. Depending on the severity of the moss / algae, we will use a bio detergent to kill off the growth before we start power washing.

Of course, once the roof is clean, we will blow through your entire guttering system and down pipes, making sure that the storm water is draining fast and efficiently away from your roof.

Our Roof Washing, Roof Painting and Cleaning Services Include:

  • Roof Painting Essex
  • Power Washing Roofs
  • Soft Washing Roofs
  • Restoring Colour To Roof Tiles
  • Tile Painting
  • Roof Algae and Moss Removal

Working on a roof requires a skilled and competent roofing contractor, that’s why it’s important that you hire the right team to perform a roofing maintenance service with the proper qualifications and insurance.

Co-Operative Roofers has over 20 years experience in the roofing industry. We provide a quality service in Essex and the surrounding areas.